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Frequently asked questions


My dog cannot be off-leash. Do you remove leashes in Photoshop?

I remove leashes in pictures that I retouch. Please note that to remove a leash successfully, I always ask clients to bring a thin black leash tor propose to use my leash if they don't have the right one.

My god wears a collar/harness. Will you remove them in Photoshop?

I typically don't remove collars and harnesses in Photoshop, but if you'd like them to be removed, please let me know. 

What is your weather policy for outdoor photoshoots?

The weather in Boston is subject to change, and we cannot control it. So I check the weather at the time of booking and then re-check 1 day before the photoshoot. If I see that it's going to rain or the temperature is expected to be too low or too high, we will reschedule for another date convenient for you. The rescheduling is free of charge. 

Does it matter how many commands my dog knows to get good pictures?

Although the variety of commands may affect posing, it's not critical. Commands are an advantage, but to be honest, most of the dogs I shoot don't know many commands. So don't worry. Your dog has what it takes to be a perfect model.

My dog is very active. It doesn't sit or stand still even for a moment. Is it possible to take pictures?

Yes, it's real, but I recommend booking at least a 2-hour photoshoot in this case. One hour may not be enough. I also recommend concentrating on dogs in action pictures instead of posed photos. We can take several sit-still images with the help of a leash, but most part of the photoshoot should be active.

What to do if my pet is shy and gets nervous in public places?

In this case, we can find a quiet place and have a photoshoot early in the morning, so there won't be many people and pets. Another option is to book a home photoshoot. Tell me in advance that you have a shy pet, and I'll propose several quiet shooting spots.

My dog becomes aggressive and/or overexcited when it sees other dogs. Is it possible to take good pictures?

Yes, it's 100% real. The solution is the same as with shy dogs. We can find a private area for a photoshoot and take pictures early in the morning, or you can book a home photoshoot.

My dog is aggressive toward people. Can I book a photoshoot?

Unfortunately, I'm not a dog behavior specialist, so I don't work with dogs who are aggressive toward people.

My dog is old and gets tired quickly, so I am unsure whether it's okay to book a photoshoot.

Only you can monitor your dog's health condition and decide whether it will be okay to take it for a photoshoot. For senior dogs, I recommend booking at least a 1.5-hour photoshoot. So the dog may have a rest between the sets. Another excellent option for senior dogs is a home photoshoot. If you decide to book, tell me that you have a senior dog so we can arrange a photoshoot considering this.

Do you take pictures of dogs and their owners in cafes and restaurants?

In theory, it's possible, but in practice, it would require photography flashes that could disturb other customers. Therefore, I don't recommend attempting this. If you prefer an indoor setting, you can choose a studio or home photoshoot.

I don't want to pose. Can I book a photoshoot of my dog only?

Yes, it's possible. Just tell me about it in advance so I can create a moodboard for your dog only. 


I've never worked in Photoshop, is it okay to book an editing class?

You can book a photo editing class in this case. However, you must understand that most of the class will be devoted to explaining Photoshop basics. Therefore, you'll likely have to take more classes to understand editing techniques. 

I recommend Photoshop editing classes for those familiar with the PS basics like layers/masks/main editing instruments (brush, clone stamp, crop, and selection tools). You don't have to be a pro, but it's better to know the basics to make our meetings more efficient.

I don't have any painting talents. Is it real to learn art editing techniques in this case?

Yes, it's absolutely real. You don't need to be a good painter to edit photos. Several tips and tricks will help you perform high-end retouching regardless of your painting talents.

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