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Photo editing


If you have a picture you'd like to edit, feel free to send it to me for a quick review, along with a brief description of what you'd like to achieve with the image. I accept full-size, maximum-quality images via email at

The picture you send can be taken with either a camera or a mobile phone; it doesn't affect the possibility of editing. Just note that the size of the edited image will remain the same as the original. I typically respond to emails within 1-2 business days, and the review service is completely free of charge.

Both lifestyle edits and creative edits are possible, although I cannot guarantee that every picture is suitable for editing, especially when it comes to a creative edit. It depends on the concept you have in mind and the quality of the image you provide.

After the review, I will inform you via email whether editing the image you've sent is feasible. At this stage, you can book a service if you need a lifestyle edit, or we can schedule a phone call if you require a special creative edit to discuss the details.

Typically, all edits are completed within 5 days, excluding the booking date. However, terms are subject to discussion if you have a special request.


The cost of a lifestyle edit is 70 USD, creative edit cost will vary depending on your idea typically creative edits start from 150 USD. Payments via PayPal or Zelle (for US customers) are available. PayPal service charges may apply. 

A 100% prepayment is required at the time of booking.

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